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Now that you have determined your skills and your accomplishments, let’s put together your Value Proposition.  Being clear on your value… or your Superpowers, will help with your verbal and written communication in the following four ways:


  1. In the summary of your resume as it relates to the job posting;
  2. While networking one-on-one or at events where you can introduce yourself in a concise and memorable way, also called the “elevator pitch”;
  3. By writing a friendlier version of your value proposition for your LinkedIn profile that showcases your expertise, personality and passions;
  4. And finally, by answering the interview question: “Tell me about yourself”.  This is your opportunity to sell yourself as being THE solution to the position.  Focus on your present status and how you can make their life easy, your past will be in your resume.


Creating a value proposition can, at first, be overwhelming and you might be wondering where to start.  Let me help you get started.  Below are four questions to build the foundation of your proposition.  Write one sentence for each question as in my example below.


  1. What is your profession and background?  
    • I am a Transition Career Coach with over 10 years’ combined experience in coaching and recruiting.
  2. What is your specialty and what makes you stand-out?
    • I coach people in finding their next job and/or career by putting together a custom-made strategic plan, helping them with their brand and also with networking and interviewing skills.
  3. What accomplishments do you have that would demonstrate that you are good at what you do?
    • In the last 2 years I have coached over 200 people, most of them have found significant value in the job search life-cycle and indicated that it has inspired them to continue using the tools and learnings throughout their career development.
  4. What are you looking for next on your Career Path?
    • I am seeking to grow my practice to serve and provide a greater impact for people with their job search, their career development and/or their next stage of their lives.

Put your answers above in a paragraph.  You now have a base value proposition on which to expand and tailor to any situation.

A tendency we all have in describing ourselves is to delve in the past or to give a biography, or a summary of our resume.  This is irrelevant.  This is why we have a resume; it contains all this information.  This is the moment to sell yourself and show the value you would bring to an organization and give a summary of your skills.  Your answer will set the tone at an interview or networking to inspire engagement and curiosity in what it is that you do.  Stay in the present by expressing how your past experience, skills and accomplishments will benefit your audience.  Make it easy for the hiring manager by tying your strengths to the position.


This is another important step in your job search.  It will give you confidence in showcasing your profession, your specialty, your accomplishments and what you are looking for.  Having a strong statement will impress your audience and a clear message will make it easy for them to remember you.


What are your answers to the four questions above?  Email them to me for a quick review and feedback.  If you would like more examples, let me know and I will send you some.  Next week we will take a look at the Exit Statement which answers the question:  “Why are you no longer working?”


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