Shhh, don’t tell anyone, this is a big secret.  And unfortunately, when people find out about it, they don’t believe, or they think it’s a lot of work or they are too scared to do it.  I dare you to try it. This is a very effective way to find a job, and you should [...]

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NEXT MOVE: Follow-up


Great job on sending out your resumes!  Now you can sit back and relax and wait!  Well, sure, you can do that and do what everybody else is doing.  OR you can follow-up!  I know what you’re thinking, well you don’t want to “bug” them; they might not consider you.  Seriously?  Your task is to [...]

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Make job search networking fun!


Does the thought of networking give you a sick feeling in the belly?  Do you imagine yourself in the middle of a crowd, with a name tag and nobody is talking to you?  And then, working up the courage to approach someone (who looks nice) and start a conversation?  WHAT DO YOU SAY?  The more [...]

Make job search networking fun!2019-04-02T10:35:55-05:00