The service Joanne offers is very different.  She is professional,  current and you will feel like you’re dealing with someone who “gets” you and isn’t just reading off a step by step script.  My background was unique and she tailored her coaching to that.  I looked forward to our calls and it felt like I had someone in my corner.  My attitude job searching this time was VERY different than before.

- Monica Pollack

I want to thank you for your support and interest in my search over the past while. It has been amazing to me the number of people who have reached out to talk, make connections, provide contracting opportunities, given me ways to grow my skills, and in general to help me in my quest to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. You’re the best!

- Michèle English

I have been working with Joanne Savoie Malone in respects to updating my value proposition, Linkedin profile, and effective strategies preparing me for interviews. She’s been great and I’ve been able to take away a lot of helpful pointers.

- Ron Langevin

Joanne was very understanding of my circumstances. From start to finish, she always kept her appointments, and always inspired me to push forward. Joanne is truly an amazing coach who I would highly recommend.

- Brad Lacey

Juste un petit mot pour te remercier de tes conseils, ton temps, ta bonne humeur et ton professionnalisme. J’ai beaucoup aimé ‘’travailler’’ avec toi. Je vais appliquer tes conseils et je suis sûre que ca va être positif. Bref tu es extraordinaire.

- Marie Bourdua

Wanted to thank you once again for the invaluable help you provided me.  Your interview coaching and role playing helped me overcome what has traditionally been a major barrier to my success.   You gave me tips and tricks to present my experience in relevant and unique ways and the confidence to succeed.

- Victoria Green

What I do?

I am a bilingual Certified Employment and Career Strategist, Transition Coach, and Certified “Passion Test” Facilitator.  I love helping people gain clarity by simplifying the processes of job search and career change, finding their passions or starting their own business.  Passions change as circumstances change.

Who it’s for?

Since March 2016 I have coached over 200 individuals, providing career and job search strategies, uncovering their next career move and helping solopreneurs get started.   If you’re looking for a planning partner, someone of whom to bounce ideas and keep you on track I am your ally.

Why it’s special?

I love to listen to people’s stories and help brainstorm their next step.  I am professional, current and open minded.   I excel at understanding people and uncovering their strengths, passions and directions.   After 10 years working in staffing and over 2 years as a Transition Coach, I have developed a strong coaching muscle and I’m able to tailor my services to your unique situation.  I’ll give you permission to do what your heart desires and keep you accountable to the process and focussed on your goals.

How it works

We set up a free 15 minutes call and talk about where you have been, where you are and where you want to go.  This will determine if we are a fit and if we should work together.   My initial service is four calls where we will identify your focus and priorities.  I will ask thought provoking questions, give you some work to do in private, and we will put together your plan.  The 4 calls can focus on one item or a combination of subjects like:  assessment of you, applying online, following up, networking, interviewing, offer negotiations, and many others.  Or, we can simply set up accountability calls on your job, career or business and review and brainstorm your activities.

What to do next

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